Renovation Loans

Cheapest Rates for Renovation Loan In Singapore 2020

Planning on making some home renovations? A renovation loan can help you finance it and get the work done by spreading the cost with a low interest rate. 

Build your dream house for your loved ones. PL Credit Singapore provides the lowest interest rates and flexible repayment schedules for any individuals.

Instant Approve Renovation Loan Singapore

  • Same day cash disbursement
  • Non-collateral with lowest interest
  • Up to 4 times your monthly income
  • Flexible and repayment period

Renovation loan is a special type of personal loan, specifically designed for the purpose of renovating your house. Buying a home in Singapore may have already used all your available savings, so a renovation loan could mean a lot between getting your property renovated now or having to wait for years. This is not money most people have lying around.

Contact us at PL Credit Singapore Licensed Money Lender, to find out more about our affordable renovation loan. We are always here to assist you in any way we can.

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